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a Beleza que se teve

Strejf is a contemporary music ensemble rooted in Brazilian and European folk traditions formed in Denmark in 2010 consisting of danish pianist Carsten Kaer, french bass player Brice Soniano, and brazilian percussionists Gabriel Policarpo and Bernardo Aguiar.

We have been touring Denmark every year since, sometimes twice a year, and is currently also playing a lot of school concerts under LMS.

Meet the team

Brice Soniano (FR)

Double bass (1979)

Studied at the Hague Royal Conservatory (NL) with Heyn van de Geyn and Knud Gettler. After graduation from both jazz and classical departments, he spent 8 months in africa mostly in a Baka pygmee camp in  the rainforest of Cameroun. Now he plays composed music and improvises all over Europe  in an eternal search of the edge of infinity a.o. with Harman Fraanje, Rawfishboys and people like Michael Moore, Mark Feldman, Gonzalo Rubalcaba.


Gabriel Policarpo (BR)

Repique/percussion (1984)

is known as one of the most innovative young percussionists in Rio de Janeiro. Plays a-o- with samba legend Martinho da Vila and Pandeiro Repique Duo (PRD) Leads his own drum orchestra, Batuque Batu and has formerly been the leader of the top ten samba school Viradouro

Link: Facebook

Bernardo Aguiar (BR)

pandeiro/percussion (1984)

Since the age of 17 he has been on the site as one of the best pandeiro players in the world. Plays with Carlos Malta’s legendary ”Pife muderno” and Pandeiro Repique Duo (PRD). Recently he recorded with ”Snarky Puppy” and is also working as a producer in Brasil!

Link: Facebook

Carsten Kær Nielsen (DK)

Piano (1966)

Graduated from ”Det jyske musikkonservatorium” in Århus 1998, studied with Butch Lazy. Has a deep interest in jazz and world music, especially the music of  Cuba and Brasil where he has been travelling 10 times.  Has been playing with a.o. Grupo Danzon, Mais Uma, Latin Dance Band, ILY

link: Carsten Kær

Get inspired

In 2013 we released the CD ”….A beleza que se teve” recorded by Jakob worm in Finlandsstudiet in Århus-  released on Pararaio records/ Gateway

”A infância e a capacidade de, depois da adolescência, depois que se cresce, de recuperar a beleza que se teve um dia”

New CD is coming up! We have been in  ”The Village” studio in Copenhagen recording during the last tours with amazing Thomas Vang at the mixer. It’s become both studio- and live recordings  that under the working title ”Via Mundi” hopefully will be pre released in october 2018 on Astropi records.